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Workflow systems are systems that help organizations to specify, execute, monitor, and coordinate the flow of work cases within a concentrated office environment. The implementation of Workflow systems ensures that the possibility of errors occurring is the least.

NuAge Provides with sophisticated and extensive Workflow System solutions powered by our range of customized enterprise solutions.

Benefits of a Lotus Notes Domino Workflow Application:
can be described in One word - A.C.C.E.L.E.R.A.T.E.S.

And this word truly justifies how in an organization productivity accelerates when workflow applications are implemented.

Automation, Continuity, Centralization, Efficiency, Lucidity, Economisation, Reach, Adaptability, Traceability, Extensibility, and Standardisation

Workflow Application eliminates too much double entry, double, Manual Work & it automates system to system talk thus saving lots of time. With this the lines of communication become automated, transparent and always open.

Workflow Application allows for immediate notification of events within the workflow to one or many users. Within a Workflow Application, events can prompt an email notification that can be sent to another user or users with data entered into a Workflow Application form or simply a message telling them that an event has occurred. You can see all the stages of a workflow instance, and what everyone's roles and responsibilities are. This allows for a faster response to team, clients or partners.

Many business processes are enclosed within Workflow Applications, so you don't need to spend time switching to other applications. Workflow Application also provides a common point of entry to information in existing legacy applications thus providing a platform for Business Process Integration. Centralization is further increased by Workflow Application reporting. Workflow Application reports allow you to analyze data in real time thus providing faster and better decision-making. Reporting also gives you the ability to e-mail or import reports into backend ERP systems like SAP, any RDBMS etc.

A Workflow Application's incisive functionality saves time when looking for information. To avoid the confusion between two people changing the same information at the same time, A Workflow Application locks data when you access it. A Workflow Application checks inputs against a set of possible answers or rules. This ensures that all information in the system is correct and meaningful thus reducing errors. 

A Workflow Application gives a immediate view of the whole process and tells us where we are, what events took place, what we and others are supposed to do, how to do something and who is working on other steps in the process. Additional clarity is provided as we are able to view a task list of prioritized items awaiting our input, leading to faster response times and promoting better time management.

There are many cost advantages to deploy a Workflow Application Solution. On one Intranet homepage you can view all Workflow Applications implemented across the company thereby saving on the cost or purchasing and maintaining separate systems or logging onto different systems with different user ID’s.

Workflow Application is either client or web based which allow you to engage your staff, clients and alliance partners wherever they may be. This allows clients to see status reports in real time instead of having to call you.

Change is unavoidable in business and a key requirement when purchasing a workflow product. How well it adapts to process change. Workflow Application should be easily modifiable if required to suit your business needs while preserving existing data.

The complexity with relying on traditional systems is that while they provide users a way of completing their tasks they do not ensure the tasks are accomplished properly. A Workflow Application uses task lists and escalation rules so that things that need to be done always get done at time and thoroughly. Workflow Application can identify inefficiencies in workflows as well as who is missing deadlines, who has a low throughput and where the bottlenecks are. Finally a Workflow Application shows us who created updated, deleted and approved information.

A Workflow Application permit you to extend the business processes by permitting us to create add-ons to meet our ever changing business requirements.

A Major benefit of A Workflow Application is that it allows you to create applications where users are guided through processes thus adhering to company policy and procedure.

IBM Lotus Domino / Notes
IBM Lotus Notes/Domino is widely known as leading collaboration and enterprise messaging software for personal and organizational efficiency. This platform ideally fits for development and implementation of Workflow applications and ensures faster & secure deployment of these applications.

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